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All men want to meet the right woman and live happily together. Slavic brides from Ukraine, Slovenia, Slovakia, and other countries have all the physical and mental qualities to become reliable life partners. Slavic girls are skilled housewives and good mothers. So, looking for an attractive girl to make it your life partner, consider marrying a Slavic woman.

Slavic Women Characteristics

Slavic girls are proud of their mild features, pale skin, blond to light brown hair, petite bodies, and their special charm. But there are some more things that make hot Slavic women attractive to foreign singles.

Erudite and Educated

Education is very important in Slavic countries. Most ladies have academic degrees and never stop developing their knowledge. They like reading books, attending courses, training, and learning something new. It’s a great pleasure to talk to such smart girls.

Wear High Heels and Elegant Dresses

A Slavic woman prefers elegant dresses to casual style. The girls often wear high heels, whether they go to work or meet friends. Why do they choose high heels and dresses? Beautiful Slavic women want to look feminine, sexy, and attractive to other people.

Keep Face and Body Healthy

The first impression is very important! Hot Slavic girls spend much time on their appearance. Every small detail is important. While Slavic women always take exceptional care of those details, they always look amazing!

Passionate Lovers

Girls from Slavic countries look shy in daily situations. If you are lucky enough to get closer to a girl, you will never want to leave. You have a chance to know how passionate a Slavic bride is behind closed doors.

Slavic Women

Where Can You Meet Slavic Girls?

You can find Slavic ladies everywhere. It can happen in the supermarket, office, or theater. But most of these places do not work if you and your girlfriend live in different parts of the world. If you are not planning to visit one of the Slavic countries yet, you should rely on the variety of dating platforms on the Internet.

  • Go to dating sites. A potential bride can be found online. Register on a specialized Slavic dating site and do your best to create an attractive profile. Then try to communicate with Slavic singles, write first, initiate talks, and make compliments. Your future success depends on your manner of communication.
  • Go to social media. This is the fastest and easiest way to start an online chat with girls. Use any of your Facebook or Instagram profiles to find a potential girlfriend there.
  • Go to the marriage agency. Are you ready to spend some money on a marriage agency? Special marriage agencies have a big choice of candidates for brides, arrange dating. With their help, you can easily find a Slavic single woman for a happy marriage.

Dealing With a Marriage Agency

If you like the idea of marrying a Slavic woman and you feel like you are ready to start dating, contact a marriage agency, fill out a special questionnaire, and send some of your photos.

Then, it’s time to get professional advice from the agency’s matchmaker via Skype. They will find out more about your personality, thoughts, and dating preferences. Later, you’ll get a list of potential Slavic brides to better understand what you like and what you want to see in your future wife.

Next, you sign a mutual agreement, make payment, and approve a final list of potential matches. The agency will organize the dates with all of these ladies.

All You Should Know About Dating a Slavic Woman

So, you know what is good in Slavic girls dating. How to become a desired partner? What should you do to win her heart? Find answers to these questions, and it helps to boost your chances for successful matching.

  1. Plan your date. Girls in Slavic countries love interesting dates. Nobody wants to waste time on boring and tiring things. Try to make each date unique. Do something that a girl will remember. Take an aim to win, draw her attention and have fun together. Always have plan B if your girlfriend doesn’t like vegetarian food.
  2. Think about the gift. Slavic brides like gifts. Who doesn’t? Each gift is taken as an expression of your good intentions. Don’t buy something shamelessly expensive. Even a little sign of your attention will be appreciated by a Slavic bride. If you do like a girl, try to buy something that she is really interested in. Ask about her hobbies and interests before the date.
  3. Dress properly. There is no dress code in a relationship. You can dress casually or officially, whatever. Just follow your own style when you feel good and in the right box. Remember, one of the main characteristics of a Slavic woman is that she likes stylish clothes. Your girl will most likely be very elegant, so you need to catch up with her.
  4. Talk on different topics. You already know that Slavic brides are smart and sharp. They are good sparring partners! When you meet a lady, let her understand that you are an interesting person to talk to. Just offer a nice topic for discussion you are both interested in. Say something about yourself. It is a winning variant to build up a dialogue and style yourself nicely. It makes sense to tell who you are, what you like, and don’t like.
  5. Be a good listener. If you like a girl, listen to her talk attentively. Put questions, hang on to her every word so as not to miss something important. Express your interest in a sincere manner.

Meet Slavic Girls

Benefits Of Marrying a Slavic Bride?

Lots of men dream of dating a Slavic woman. American singles have heard a lot about the beauty and charms of Ukrainian, Polish, and other Slavic girls. Are there more benefits to marrying them?

  • They are faithful wives. Slavic girls make the best girlfriends. They are loyal and often monogamous. If they start a relationship with a man, be sure that they will definitely be faithful to this person. The women are not interested in cheating and playing around, and give their love to a husband and kids.
  • They are responsible. You can rely on Slavic girls at any time. They are not afraid to take on responsibilities and obligations and support their husband when it is necessary.
  • They are highly motivated. Slavic women are highly motivated. They know exactly what they want and follow this aim with no doubt. These girls are strong-willed and determined. You can always rely on your wife in any situation.

Among the difficulties you’ll meet, there are:

  • Different cultures. Yes, you have a chance to experience a new culture. If you are interested in building up strong relations with a woman, try to understand her roots, mentality. Be ready to find compromises for not to break up with a woman of your dreams.
  • Language barrier. Quarrels often arise even when people are in love and aim to make a family. It is extremely important to communicate and understand each other. Slavic mail order brides know English well, but it may not be enough for understanding. It will be much harder to convey your opinion to your loved one using a foreign language.

Pro-Tip. Parties who want to marry in one of the Slavic countries must have legal status in a chosen country (citizenship, residency permit, visa, entry stamp in their passport, etc.). An application for marriage should be submitted by a couple in person (or by an authorized third party) at any State Registration and Notary Service of the chosen country.

Do Slavic Women Like American Men?

Looking for Slavic women for marriage, don’t worry about their intentions. These women themselves dream of finding their happiness with American guys. Why do modern girls prefer foreign singles?

Some Slavic men don’t take responsibility for a wife and children for different reasons. They are often bad-tempered, drinking, have no money, etc. Foreign men treat women better. Americans are well-groomed, fit, and athletic. Slavic woman wants to get married once and for all her life. She wants to be loved and needed. That’s why many Slavic girls dream of going abroad and living happily.


Do you feel like you are ready to fall in love with a fantastic Slavic woman? Don’t think long to find your perfect match. Before, you have some time to learn Slavic dating customs that are always helpful for building a healthy and happy family. There is no special tip to find a wife. Just be honest and not pretend to be something you are not.

Slavic Bride


How to Attract a Slavic Woman?

If you think that attracting a Slavic girl is a simple task, get ready for disappointments. How to attract a Slavic girl? What kind of men do women like, and what criteria is this choice based on? You have all chances to draw her attention if you are:

  • Honest. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Women don’t like men who get into lies. Be yourself.
  • Talented. Most men have different talents. Dating a Slavic girl demonstrates something that distinguishes you from others. If you say you are good at making money, don’t forget to make a present for your girlfriend and pay the bill.
  • Ambitious. Women love ambitious and prospective men. Your ambition indicates you as a strong man. If you ask brides-to-be what qualities they like in men, 95% will list a variation of ambitious, and most see it as probably the most important quality. Don’t hide your desires from a girlfriend. Speak about what you want from life and from your future wife.
  • Cool. What does being cool mean for you? For a typical woman, a cool man is a model of stability, self-control, self-esteem. The man knows what is what in this life and is ready to meet challenges. Let your bride be sure that you will not lose your head in a time of stress.
  • Sensitive. When you meet a Slavic woman, do not be afraid to show what you feel. Be hearty, but not helpless.

Are Slavic Girls Easy?

Women from Slavic countries are different than in America. These ladies are very independent yet loyal to their partners. Although they are beautiful, they are still loving and caring. It’s a unique combination of strength and weakness. Because of this, women have pretty high expectations of men. If they like a man, they don’t make it very obvious. A chosen man has to make efforts to break the ice and catch her heart. So, what’s the answer? Are Slavic women easy or not? Yes and no. They need care and affection from a man.

Can I Marry a Slavic girl?

Marrying a woman from Slavic countries is not quite as popular as it was a decade or two ago. But there still are a lot of girls who are quite happy to marry a foreign guy. If you meet a Slavic girl in the US, you’ll see they have become Americanized and lost their simplicity.

So, you’d better contact some agencies that connect American or foreign men with Slavic ladies. Some of these are well. Listen carefully. Do not use any agency that charges you by the letter. Most of those have the office staff writing the guy using the lady’s name since they can make good money.

How Much Does it Cost to Marry a Slavic Woman?

How much will it cost a foreigner to get a Slavic wife? The answer depends on the country where you live. A typical American guy needs from 5 000 to 10 000 USD to complete the process of meeting, dating and bringing a wife from her country to the USA. It can be even cheaper than dating an American girl in your home country for some time.

You can cut the costs for marriage by meeting your girl online. That’s so great that everything happens online. You shouldn’t pay for dinner and movie dates. You have a chance to meet 3, 5, or 10 ladies before you match someone and spend nothing on dates. You are chatting online on Skype for free.

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