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Romanian Women: Top Hottest Girls from Romania

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Among foreigners, Romania is known mostly for its architecture and hospitable people. But, it is also a country with many beautiful women. Local ladies can mesmerize men with their beauty and elegance, and we are here to show it to you.

Anna 32 y.o.
Julia 25 y.o.
Sasha 28 y.o.

If you want to see the most beautiful Romanian women, this article is for you. Here you will find a list of the hottest ladies from Romania and also learn how to find a beautiful Romanian girlfriend online.

Top Beautiful Romanian Women

Although not all Romanian celebrities are known worldwide, they are one of the most beautiful women in the world. We found the most beautiful Romanian women who possess incredible beauty and charisma. In the list below, you will find the top 5 famous, most beautiful romanian women, who were named the sexiest in Romania.

Diana Moldovan

Diana Moldovan
  • Instagram: @idianamoldovan
  • Occupation: Romanian model
  • Nickname: –
  • Tiktok: –
  • City: Bucharest

Diana Moldovan is has participated in miss universe romania, was a french lingerie purveyor, hold many awards dusch as japan gold disc awards and european border breakers awards. Being a part of the Major Model Management group, Diana Moldovan was a model for Dior Eyewear when Diana Moldovan was studying in the National University in Romania.

Andreea Diaconu

Andreea Diaconu
  • Instagram: @andreeadiddy
  • Occupation: Romanian model
  • Nickname: –
  • Tiktok: –
  • City: Bucharest

Andrea Diaconu is a successful Romanian fashion model. She has walked for Oscar de La Renta, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Michael Kors, Giorgio Armani, and many other fashion designers. She has also appeared on the magazines’ covers in France, Spain, Romania, and several other countries.

This Romanian model possesses natural beauty and doesn’t hide it under layers of makeup. Her light blue eyes, charming smile, and fit body make her one of the hottest ladies from Romania.

Antonia Iacobescu

Antonia Iacobescu
  • Instagram: @antonia
  • Occupation: Romanian model, singer and Playboy cover model
  • Nickname: Antonia
  • Tiktok: –
  • City: Bucharest

Another beautiful Romanian woman is Antonia Iacobescu. She is a successful singer with MTV europe music awards and numerous Romanian music awards. She is also a Romanian model, who started her career in 2009. This hot Romanian singer also frequently appears in different advertisement campaigns and fashion magazines such as Elle and Vanity Teen.

Antonia Iacobescu’s beauty is stunning, with a perfect hourglass body, bewitching blue eyes, and dark hair. She always looks absolutely gorgeous and likes sharing her photos on Instagram.

Madalina Diana Ghenea

Madalina Diana Ghenea

Charming Diana Ghenea from elite model management is a Romanian actress and model. She started her modeling career when she was 15, but in 2011 debuted as an actress. She starred in many Italian, British, and American films, and also appeared in fashion ads, magazines, and in a music video where she played a singer girlfriend.

Diana Ghenea is definitely one of the hottest women from Romania. She has a seductive body, expressive brown eyes, and full lips, and knows how to highlight her beauty with makeup and beautiful gowns from well-known fashion brands.

Catrinel Menghia

Catrinel Menghia
  • Instagram: @catrinelmarlon
  • Occupation: top fashion model
  • Nickname: Catrinel Marlon
  • Tiktok: –
  • City: Iasi

Among all sexy Romanian women, we can’t help but highlight Catrinel Menghia, a Romania’s model and actress. She has worked with many famous fashion houses, including Marc Jacobs, Dior, Giorgio Armani Worldwide, Carolina Herrera, and others. Also, this Romanian girl was a cover YSL beauty model and appeared in magazines like Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and Playboy Spain.

Catrinel Menghia is an elegant and feminine Romanian woman, with brown hair and piercing dark eyes. On her Instagram, you can enjoy her best pics. She loves sharing photos from different events and also pics of her charming daughter.

Laura Cosoi

Laura Cosoi
  • Instagram: @lauracosoi
  • Occupation: Romanian actress and model
  • Nickname: –
  • Tiktok: –
  • City: Iasi

Laura Cosoi is a Romanian actress, who starred in numerous Romanian films and TV series. She is known for her role in the famous Romanian television series La Bloc. Now, she is also a YouTuber and has her own cookbook. This blondie is one of the hottest Romanian women. Her light shiny hair, captivating smile, and angelic blue eyes can mesmerize anybody. Laura Cosoi frequently appears in the rankings of hot Romanian women and has a lot of fans.

Summary: Who Are Sexy Romanians?

So, who is the most beautiful Romanian woman? We find it impossible to name only one Romanian woman as the most beautiful, as lovely ladies from Romania possess diverse beauty and can’t be compared. But, we want to share with you some features that are common for most beautiful Romanian women.

OccupationRomanian model, singer, actress
City of BirthBucharest, Iasi
Appearanceblue/brown eyes, dark brown hair, full lips, hourglass figure

Reasons Foreign Men Date Hot Romanian Girls

Nowadays, Romanian women are highly popular among Western men. What are the reasons for their attractiveness? Well, these ladies have a special charm that is hidden in their beauty, manners, and personality. So let’s dive deeper and reveal some of the secrets of beautiful Romanian women popularity among foreigners:

  • They are open-minded, loving, and kind women. Relationships with Romanian beauties are meaningful, interesting and full of love.
  • Beautiful Romanian women always look stunning. These ladies like to dress up and take great care of their appearance.
  • They make supportive and loyal wives. These women are perfect for marriage, as they know how to build happy relationships. The divorce rate is relatively low in Romania — only 22% of marriages end in divorce.

Sexy Romanian Women VS Average Romanian Girls

Celebrities always look different from average people. It is part of their job to wear heavy makeup and different, sometimes, extravagant outfits. But, how different are average most beautiful romanian women from a typical Romanian model or actress? Take a look at the table below if you want to find the key differences between hot Romanian celebrities and average beautiful Romanian women.

Hot Romanian WomenAverage Romanian Women
Their appearance is influenced by beauty standardsMore natural and diverse, but still like makeup and fashion
Most are celebrities who are living abroadPure Romanians with authentic character
They are always hard-to-getMore easy-going and down-to-earth

How to Meet Hot Romanian Women Online: Guide

Do you want to meet a woman from Romania and build relationships with her? International dating can be challenging due to cultural differences, but we are here to help you. Keep reading if you want to date beautiful Romanian women and become a couple with one of them. We collected the best tips for online dating, as it is the most convenient way for foreigners to meet most beautiful romanian women.

Where to Look for Beautiful Romanian Women

First step on the way to dating Romanian ladies online is to choose the best dating service. There are a lot of platforms, but not all of them are reliable. Thus, selecting a place, pay attention to several factors:

  • Reviews from other users. It will help to figure out if the site is good.
  • Popularity in Romania. It is more possible to meet a Romanian lady on a local dating site than on an international one.
  • Security measures and privacy policy. Make sure the company is reliable and provides a safe dating experience for its users.

Some of the best Romanian dating sites are Tinder, EverMatch, Bumble, and Meetic.

Tips on Conquering Romanian Women

To make a lovely Romanian lady fall in love with you, it is important to know what makes girls in Romania happy. Here are some tips for you on how to conquer Romanian women on the first date:

  • Beautiful Romanian women love compliments. Polite and pleasant words from a man are always appreciated and will help you to win the heart of a girl.
  • Pay attention to details. Carefully listen to everything a Romanian girl tells you, and remember small details about her and her interests. It will pleasantly surprise any girl and show your interest in her.
  • Take care of your appearance. Even if it’s only a video call, you should look great. Beautiful Romanian women like well-groomed men, so at least a neat appearance is a must.

Watch the video about Romanian women dating and learn:

  • Where to meet Romanian girls
  • How to date Romanian ladies
  • What to avoid with Romanian women

Conclusion About Most Beautiful Romanian Women

Romanian girls possess outer and inner beauty and draw a lot of attention from foreign men. Beautiful Romanian girls are known as actresses, singers, and models who work with the world’s most famous brands like Chanel, Emporio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Guy Laroche, and many others.

There are many women in Romani who are equally beautiful as local celebrities. If you want to meet one of the beautiful Romanian women, choose a reliable dating site and use our tips to win the heart of a charming lady from Romania.

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