Chinese Women for Marriage: Dating Tips & Characteristics of Asian Girls

China is one of the few communist countries where the level of development is at a high. Your excellent Chinese woman lives there. With such a girl, you can build a strong marriage alliance. Beautiful Chinese women know how to develop themselves that makes this Eastern country unique. Using the Internet, foreign men wonder whether Chinese girls for marriage are legal.

Men living a thousand miles from Asia often wonder how to meet a Chinese girl. The first thing that comes to mind when dating a Chinese woman is a trip to the Сhinese country. When you arrive in this delightful land, you meet a Chinese woman on the street, or in a secluded restaurant. The answer is how long does it take to find a Chinese bride who is seeking a husband who is ready to start a family? This can take months or even years. So, you need to know an alternative way to find Chinese brides.

It’s time to breathe in relief as many hot Chinese women do not mind becoming mail order brides forging relationships with men overseas. They register on popular sites with other Chinese single women and hope to find their soulmate there. Do you want to know how it works? Keep reading and you will find that getting to know beautiful Chinese singles is no longer a problem.

Who Are Those Stunning Chinese Mail Order Brides?

A Chinese mail order bride is a woman who is interested in searching for a foreign husband. She knows that someone worthy is using online marriage portals. Often, Chinese mail order wives meet understanding and serious Americans. Thus, they strive to become the best Chinese mail order wife in order to get a worthy life partner from America.

A Chinese single woman is not as straightforward as women in the West. Asian girls are less experienced in romantic situations. A little politeness, good manners, and respect will lead you to success. Dating Chinese girls online means meeting some of the most patient and dedicated women. Whatever happens, they will always wait for a spouse. You can rely on them without hesitation in any difficulties.

Chinese Women

Why Are Chinese Women Looking For American Men?

When dating a Chinese girl, Asian women see Western men as leaders and talented knights. Western men have some advantages in the eyes of Chinese women. American men are usually tall and strong, and most of them love sports. When it comes to date a Chinese girl, Americans pay attention to their appearance, both their clothes and their hair. They shower and change their underwear every day. Such grooms are attentive to women, romantic and good in bed. American men are considered to be educated, easygoing, polite, confident, independent and humorous. They are believed to attach great importance to their rights while respecting the privacy and choices of others.

Western men value the quality of life very much and have different hobbies that bring them pleasure. Date Chinese girls may indicate that Asian women who love foreign men, especially American men, reflect a mentality typical of people from an Asian country. Chinese girls worship the national power of Western countries and believe that all Western guys are rich. There are successful cross-border marriages. Your life can easily turn out to be something more fabulous when you date a Chinese woman.

Characteristics of Chinese Woman

Understandable Nature

Chinese brides do not need to be told that men are looking for caring and passion in relationships. Even if the fire of love dies down, they want to see an interlocutor and a supportive friend in their personality. Chinese women are smart and wise enough to know what to say and when to be quiet to avoid disagreement. You can meet Chinese women on the best marriage portal. Either way, they offer favorable terms of use.

Commitment and Loyalty

Asian girls are famous for their obedience and loyalty, especially those pretty girls seeking foreign husbands. They are taught to marry once and for all. Responsible women will do their best to keep their families together and make every family member feel happy and needed. Chinese girls are quite reserved and never make scandals in public. Their willpower and Asian character allow a lot to forgive the person whom they love with all their soul. If you are ready to date Chinese women, then try to be sincere with them!

Hardworking Housewives and Caring Mothers

Not all men are aware of the treasure they get by marrying a Chinese woman! Delicious homemade meals, a clean house, neat and educated children are just some of the trump cards you will get with such a wife. Family is a priority for local women, so they will strive to find excellence in all areas.

Lovable Asian Appearance

Chinese beauty standards have undergone tremendous changes over the years. While Americans are trying by any means to give their skin a slightly brownish tint, girls in China want to achieve the opposite effect. Snow-white skin in Asian countries is supposedly a symbol of aristocracy and the standard of beauty. To achieve the desired result, Chinese women take umbrellas with them to protect their skin from the sun. They prefer to wear wide-brimmed hats, apply daily bleaching products and do various beauty procedures.

In terms of physique, Chinese girls are tiny. Yet, many of them dream of being taller. A height of 165 cm is considered ideal in Asian countries. Chinese girls do not consider this to be some kind of whim. However, it is not so easy for owners of small stature to get into the modeling business. If you want to meet Chinese girls, know that they will most likely be smaller than you. Despite this, such couples always look pretty cute.


Education in China is a value with no less ancient history. Rapid economic growth is the result of social attitudes in which education plays a dominant role. In the mentality of Chinese brides, knowledge is a social lift and a measure that evens out all social relations.

The literacy rate of Chinese girls is at least 94.5%. The education system in China includes compulsory preschool education, elementary, junior or complete high school. Higher education includes university and doctoral studies. Children go to kindergarten from the age of three which is a prerequisite. Therefore, children are not taken to school without preschool training.

In kindergarten, Asian children begin to learn “pinyin” and the recording of the sounds of their language. This is a preparation for the study of hieroglyphs thanks to which it will be easy to learn writing.

Secondary education in China is also compulsory and free. The transition to the next level is possible thanks to the entrance examinations. The highest level in China is competitive and paid. Admission to a gymnasium is the first significant dividing line which not everyone can overcome. Chinese girls consider it right to get higher education in their home country. This is a great opportunity to integrate into a professional environment and build strong relationships with future partners.

At What Age Do Chinese Girls Make Families?

Mail-order girls from China of marriageable age are the only children in the family. Therefore, if we consider the issue of the situation of unmarried girls, we will see an incredible paradox: first, parents put all their efforts into raising their daughters.

The next stage of parental influence is to “stimulate” the daughter to look for a prestigious job. When she is at the dawn of her career, they begin to demand from her to start a family. The legal age for marriage in China is 20 for women and 22 for men.

For many years in a row, the government has been recommending that Chinese people adhere to family planning policies and not get married until the age of 23 and 25. Due to the imbalance between the male and female populations, women (her family) have more choices. The practical component in the mentality of the Chinese determines their approach to marriage. If the husband’s family cannot provide the newlyweds with housing, the man will be refused, since the idea of ​​living in a rented apartment or with the husband’s family does not suit the bride’s family.

Dating Chinese Women Tips

Every foreign man dreams of meeting his legitimate mail order bride. When this happens, he often cannot decide how to get this priceless treasure.

There are some great tips on how to win the heart of a modern Chinese girl:

  • Be a gentleman and romantic admirer. This always comes first in all dating tips with Asian girls;
  • Show respect for culture and traditions of your Asian girl;
  • Ask various questions to show your girl that you are really interested in her personality;
  • Do not skimp on compliments, words of love, and surprises. This will make your acquaintance with a Chinese girl brighter and warmer;
  • Avoid pressure and be patient to gain her trust;
  • Respect her point of view and postpone setting limits.

If you are still wondering how to surprise a Chinese girl, make the most of your sense of humor, sound intriguing, show your sincerity and willingness to share your secrets. You will find that these dating tips work as such a girl becomes more friendly and willing to talk to you.

Chinese Women for Marriage

Wedding Ceremony in China

Marriages were not made in heaven but carefully chosen by Chinese parents. It has always been a marriage of convenience. If love was born in marriage, then it will be lucky. If a young man even managed to fall in love with some girl before the wedding, then it was considered the height of frivolity to associate life with her, unless she did not suit him in status or other characteristics.

The Chinese hold sacred traditions that have been established over the centuries. Wedding ceremonies in China are practically the same as they were many years ago. Watching a Chinese wedding go on is extremely interesting as the process includes a number of fascinating and touching rituals.

One of the next stages of matchmaking is fortune-telling by the card. A groom sends the bride’s family a special note which contains eight hieroglyphs of life: surname, year, month, day and hour of the man’s birth. With the help of this data, fortune-telling is carried out on the compatibility of the young. The bride’s relatives send a dowry to the groom that is items to decorate the room in which the celebration will take place.

Chinese wedding traditions provide that along with gifts. Young people exchange silver coins confirming the consent of the parties to the wedding. A very important stage in a China wedding is the banquet. The feast is held after the wedding. The menu is drawn up for a long time and is constantly being corrected. Food at a wedding should be tasty, expensive and gourmet. Fish is a must. Instead of a cake, various fruits and sweets were usually put on the table as a snack.

Marriage Legalization in China

Marriages between representatives of different countries and nationalities are not unique. In modern states, specific requirements have been formed for the institution of marriage. In order to legalize an alliance with a foreigner, the rules will have to be observed in accordance with the new marriage law:

  • reach the age of marriage (you can marry a China citizen no earlier than 20 years);
  • prove voluntary marriage, the absence of selfish reasons and violence;
  • undergo a medical examination.

It is necessary to confirm that a groom (bride) is not married to another person, and has no mental disabilities. If all the requirements are met, you can proceed with the preparation of a package of documents for a marriage with a foreigner.

Marriage certificate legalization is required for stamping a passport, changing a surname, registering joint children, and obtaining citizenship by one of the spouses.

If the marriage was concluded on the territory of Сhina, documents on registration of the union are recognized without any problems, that is, according to a simplified scheme. The technique involves affixing a special stamp – an apostille – on the marriage certificate.

It is more difficult to legalize a marriage on a general basis. To do this, you need to provide the following documents to the consulate located in the country of registration of the alliance:

  • an application that can be taken from the consulate or printed;
  • foreign and domestic passport;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • a receipt for payment of the state fee.

The specialist takes the documents for consideration and sets the date for the next visit. The procedure can take a long time. In addition, under certain circumstances, marriage legalization may be refused.


By agreeing to marry a legitimate mail-order bride, you can become a successful and confident man. Such ladies are very gentle, self-confident, and unpredictable. Relationships with girls from China will be quite diverse and peaceful.


How Loyal Are Women From China?

They are loyal as long as you are loyal to them. Chinese women find it difficult to go through a divorce which is unacceptable in their understanding.

Are Chinese Women Easy?

Local Asian women are very quivering, gentle, and affectionate. Sometimes they are so modest that there can be no talk of casual relationships.

How Many Scams are on the Dating Portals?

It all depends on how reliable the platform is. Free dating sites are more likely to come across scammers. Choose only high-quality marriage portals and agencies.

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